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Choosing a Sewing Machine

The world is getting smaller, and thus, becoming more accessible to us all. Just as the internet and blogs have given access to millions to publish, whereas before the publishing world was only available to those lucky enough to be discovered. The same medium, the internet, has made it possible for millions of talented seamstresses, tailors and designers to ply their trade to an open and untapped market. There are five critical factors that will help you choose the best machine for your needs.

Determine your budget before comparing models

Sewing machines range in price from under a hundred dollars to almost ten thousand dollars. So before you select your machine, you need to make a list of tasks that you know you will be undertaking. Consider purchasing a sewing machine to be every bit similar to buying a car. The more options that come with your machine, the more it will cost. It is too easy to simply imagine yourself doing everything, so take an objective; hard look at your endeavor, over assessing your needs can cost you unnecessary expense. On the other hand, a machine that is not capable of meeting your needs can also cost you money and hours of aggravation.

Look for the best price

Look for online coupons and ask about future specials. Study your machines well. Knowing the best price is also the same as knowing where your machine came from. For example, Bernina and Pfaff make high-end models in Germany and Switzerland respectively. Alternatively, they also have model made in Taiwan and Japan. The models that are made outside of Germany and Switzerland are not necessarily bad machines, but they will come with lower warranties and reliability ratings. These machines were built to compete with lower-end products from a company like Singer who makes entry-level machines for the home market.

Talk with Sewing Machine Owners

Someone who has been there will have lots of valuable information as well. They will have firsthand experience as to what a machine does and cannot do. They can also share valuable information about the specific machine’s dependability and repair issues if there are any. A good place to start is at the fabric store. In addition, a valuable source of information can be found online and in community forums.

Which brand

This is a delicate subject. Most machines in a certain price range, whatever the brand, offer a similar quality. However, I would go for a traditional brand, one that has a history in the world of couture, such as Singer, Bernina , Alfa , Brother… This issue is important when you need replacement parts or repairs.

Compare warranties

The warranty is every bit a part of the overall price of your machine. Check the warranty for hidden costs. Obviously, the longer the warranty the better it is for you. In this regard, it is better to stay with a larger manufacturer who is more likely to have a service center close to you. Remember, your machine is the heartbeat of your business. You need a machine that is reliable and readily repaired in the event that something breaks down.

Whether you are a professional, or someone who simply loves to sew, purchasing a sewing machine is the most significant investment you will make. Choosing a machine is a decision that is vital to your success. It means making an informed decision that will help you select the sewing machine that is a balance between meeting your needs and staying within your budget. Sewing, like any other art, is fun when your machine gives you the freedom to create anything you desire.



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5 Things All Crafters Should Have

5 Thing Every Crafter Should Have

Crafting is easy and fun but only with the right tools. There are tons of crafting supplies out there on the market, and although they are all crucial, only a few are indispensable. Thus making it difficult for any newbie venturing in the crafting Industry, to decide on what to pick or leave from the list. So, to get you out of this dilemma, we made a list of 5 things all crafters should have to get started. Check them out

  1. Glue Gun

A glue gun is one of the frequently used tools in crafting. Regardless of the kind of crafts you make, you can’t do without this gadget. It will help you fix broken drawers, decorative lights, hem your clothes and other gluing gobs. Usually, they are relatively priced so, you won’t have to dig much into your pockets to own one. Depending on your preference, you can choose a cordless glue gun, with a cord, mini or full-sized gun from a whole lot of brands. When using a glue gun, make sure to have enough glue sticks to avoid running out of your supply in the middle of crafting.

  1. Rotary cutter and an X-Acto Knife

A rotary cutter has a sharp blade for cutting fabrics easily. This handy gadget will also cut ribbon and paper, but to do so, you would have to change its blade. Due to their sharp blades, they are dangerous and so they should be stored properly. To prevent accidents from happing, during storage, it’s always good to make it a habit of covering them with a blade guard. And when you want to cut through thicker items like cardboard, that’s when an X Acto Knife comes in handy.

  1. Scissors

You will use scissors to cut duct tape, fabric, paper, trim threads among others. The different types of scissors include:

Fabric scissors- You should dedicate this type to cutting fabrics only. Avoid by all means cutting thick items such as cords and wires with it.

Embroidery scissors- They are small and delicate with pointy blades that are capable of getting in between threads to let you cut the one that you want.

Standard scissors – Have straight blades and large handles and can be used to cut a lot of items

General craft scissors – They look more like the standard scissors and can cut thin jewelry wires open food bags etc.

  1. Wire cutters and pliers

Although you can use scissors to cut wires, they get ruined over time. Most modern pliers integrate a wire cutter for cutting jewelry wires, chenille cords, dowel pins, etc.

  1. Cutting mat

Any crafter will need to have a cutting mat to make perfect cuts and accurate measures. A cutting mat is a-must-have tool on any crafting project for cutting paper, stencils, cardboard, etc. There are dozens of budget-friendly cutting mat models that you can choose from.

The above mentioned, 5 things that all crafters should have, is a guide that will help you make an informed buy decision. Therefore, you are able to give priority to the basics before spending all your money on other expensive supplies.




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