All about Best Arts Ideas

Sometimes, the best art and craft ideas come to you in a moment of sudden inspiration. The other day, I was fast asleep and having a strange dream. I don’t remember much about it, but I remember this vivid impression of walls covered in a fine and oily moss. There was something so dramatic and frightening about these walls, and when I woke up it was both a relief and another opportunity to feel the same fear that I had the dream.

Although the dream scared me, it also gave me a fantastic art idea. There is a painting I had been working on for months and unable to complete. There is something about it. It seemed too happy ” almost frighteningly happy. Everything was so peaceful, and the characters had these very stupid stereotypical smiles. The dream gave me an art idea of applying a certain kind of textured background. I painted this mossy brownish green in the background behind the characters and slightly shaded their faces to give them a more dingy look. It really changed the way everything came together. Suddenly, the picture had a more complex and ambiguous quality to it. It seemed more balanced and honest somehow.

Then again some of my best art ideas come from the most obvious of places. I am a big Internet user, and out of every three art ideas I have, two of them probably come from the web (just like when you search for “plumber, Chicago” on the web and use all the reviews and other research to find the best one). There are plenty of websites where people put up their favorite ideas for art as a way of sharing their craft with other people. I think it is one of the most generous and awesome things anyone can do. Do-it-yourself websites have provided me inspiration for decoration, painting, sculpture, and even making my own clothes. There are innumerable art projects I have been able to do because of the help of strangers from the web.